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School of Hairdressing

Diploma 8 months / Certificate 6 months

This is a profession which involves styling and dressing both male and female hair.At the end of the course, the student will become either a hair technician in salons, barbershops, beauty spas, manufacturing companies, shopping mall outlets, or start their own business.

Units covered

  • Course Introduction
  • Basic Competencies
  • Fundamentals of tricology
  • Hair styling techniques
  • Chemical Reformation
  • Hair coloring & Lightening
  • Fundamentals of hair cutting
  • Barbering and texturizing
  • Natural haircare and dreadlocks
  • Braiding & plaiting
  • Weaving and Bonding¬†
  • Hair piece production
  • shampoo ,conditioning & Treatment
  • Current industry trends
  • Building Portfolio¬†