Tertiary Education is considered to play a unique role. Recognized as one of the vibrant institutions under TVETA, Kensal Beauty & Fashion College has assumed a broader role as a building block for sustainable national tertiary education provider in Kenya.

The quality of tertiary education in Kenya is expected to increase significantly with the admission of Kensal Beauty & Fashion College. Based on this, an effort to bring on board quality learning at the institution is paramount. The effort is pursued in response to the realization to the importance of quality education to produce competitive graduates locally, nationally and internationally. It is therefore of great importance that the development of qualified graduates from Kensal Beauty & Fashion College is enhanced.

Realizing the importance of training, Kensal Beauty & Fashion College in collaboration with different partners and stakeholders agreed to work through a process involving representatives of the College Board and Management Teams. Consequently, a number of quality assurance and control meetings and workshops take place at county, national and international levels in a bid to map out strategy on how to come up with quality training and culture in similar institutions with an aim to ensure that all performance indicators and quality benchmarks are agreed upon and owned by all Kensal stakeholders.

I would like to express our firm support for this institution. It is gratifying that the inception stage is occurring at the time of high academic demands at Kensal. For effective implementation of quality training process, Kensal management and governing board have created steering structures and is working on preparing an environment for putting this into continuous practice. Kensal secretariat is convinced that the institution has much to gain through this unique opportunity with which stronger cooperation, based on varied experiences among institutions locally, nationally and internationally will be realized.

I would like to acknowledge the role played by TVETA, NITA, management, board and the entire staff of Kensal Beauty Salon & Fashion College (both at United Mall and Kodiero Business Centre, Kisumu) for quality of services provided in the institutions. We encourage them to enhance same spirit.

Given the voluntary nature of the process and the strategy as presented in the framework for implementation of this process, Kensal hopes for successful outputs from implementation methods that build on the existing capacities. The varied nature and level of development of structures and capacities are behind the approach of quality training services adapted for the projects at Kensal.